John Caple (b.1966)

Crow Wood
  • signed
  • oil on board
  • 56 by 61 cm.; 22 by 24 in.
  • Exhibited: London, John Martin Gallery, In the Midnight Wood, 12 February - 15 March 2014


John Caple (b.1966)

John Caple depicts scenes of everyday life inspired by his family’s history and the collective memory of the rural Somerset area of England. Raised on his family’s stories and folk narratives from his rural community in the Mendip Hills in England, Caple interweaves the landscape and Somerset’s past with the traditions of poetry, mythology, and magic ingrained in the Mendip community in his art. Working in a somber palette, Caple’s paintings inspired by the collective history of past generations of land workers also reflect on the work of famous poets and authors who were inspired by the rural English countryside, such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Keats, and Emily Dickinson.

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