Paul Maze (1887-1979)
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Born in Le Havre, France and raised by a father with a great passion for Art, Maze had an ingrained love for the style of French Impressionism from the earliest age. Family friends included Renoir, Monet, Dufy and Pissarro and together they taught him the rudiments of painting from his home on the coast of France.

Maze moved to Britain at the age of 12 to continue his education and improve his English in Southampton. He worked in his father’s firm for 10 years until the outbreak of the Great War when he joined the Royal Scots Greys.
It was during the war that he met Sir Winston Churchill who became a life long friend. After the war Maze settled in Paris where he began to paint full time and became a permanent fixture on the arts scene. As an old man Vuillard recommended that Maze should work in pastel, a medium which remained popular with Maze throughout his life.

Maze served again in the Second World War and was once more distinguished for his bravery.

In the 1920s Paul Maze returned to England and his love of all things quintessentially British flourished. His favoured subjects read like a survey of the British social season; Royal Ascot, Henley Regatta, Cowes Week and so on. During this time his relationship with Churchill strengthened as both a friend and painting advisor.

His work has been exhibited widely, in the UK, Europe and New York.
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