Dora Holzhandler (1928-2015)

  • signed and dated ‘84
  • pen, ink and watercolour
  • 26.5 by 37 cm.; 10 ½ by 14 ½ in.


Dora Holzhandler (1928-2015)

Born in Paris into a family of Polish refugees, Dora Holzhandler was later sent to live with a foster family on a farm in Normandy. She returned to her Jewish family when she was 5 before the family moved to London in 1934. Though she endured the War in England, much of her extended family perished at Auschwitz. In 1948, she attended the Anglo-French Art School in St. John’s Wood.

Her childhood memories and Jewish roots permeate her work. Holzhandler’s innocent art is widely collected.

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