Bryan Pearce (1929-2007)
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Bryan Pearce was born in St Ives and lived there for his whole life. His recognisable style is distinct in its use of linear composition and simplistic colouring. He studied at the St Ives School of Painting and there began to develop his rather singular vision.

It is not unusual for this to be interpreted as Pearce taking on the influences of other St Ives artists, perhaps looking at Heron for the use of colour, and Alfred Wallis for composition. However his style was not created purely from choice but partly as a result of the brain damage he suffered as a child which limited his spatial awareness and understanding of the effects of light and shade on colour.

Due to the support of his mother and an established routine Pearce led a full life as an artist and exhibited regularly, first at Newlyn Gallery and later Penwith Gallery, New Art Centre and Beaux Arts, Bath.
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